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 Good protective work is seldom seen, but always present. Superior Protection Consultants are highly experienced in working with the VIP community, taking into account the unique style and specific needs of the person or people we are protecting. Learn more


  Superior Protection Consultants coordinates between the lifestyle of the estate with the operational procedures and state of the art security technologies to create a safe and unobtrusive home security environment. The utilization of cameras, alarms, access control panels and lighting are all considered and measured to meet the specific needs of the estate. Learn more


  We provide customized commercial security answers for a variety of issues including loss prevention, vandalism, safety, access control, and monitoring and alarm verification. From traditional security officers to state-of-the-art security surveillance monitoring, Superior Protection Consultants can keep your business protected 24 hours a day. Learn more


  Superior Protection Consultants are skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client, while our personnel are trained to be polite and professional, while assuring the safety and security of all the event attendees. Learn more


  We provide discreet, professional personal protective services to corporate executives, foreign dignitaries and celebrities. Our highly trained and responsive professionals maintain client safety and security without compromising their privacy. These professionals are trained and experienced protectors, but equally adept in providing service. Learn more


  Our capabilities include handling all elements of the artist’s personal daily schedule from hotel, transportation, appearances and movements of the artist, artist family, and other VIP guests. We act as the direct liaison between the venue/event and the security vendors and emergency/law enforcement retained by the event to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved, especially the guests. Learn more